1140 free grant funded childcare provision - Update

Dear Parents/ Carers,

As many of you are aware the local authorities had a statutory duty to provide 1140 hours of free pre-school education to eligible children from August 2020, however yesterday Scotland’s councils have been released of the legal obligation to double free childcare provision..

As of yet there is no date given for when it will be made a legal obligation again.  At the beginning of this month Audit Scotland said the plan was on track, but that thousands more nursery staff were still needed and half the building work was not yet complete.

Children’s minister Maree Todd and Counsellor Stephen McCabe, children’s spokesman for council umbrella group Cosla, issued a joint statement announcing the change:

It said: 

“Before the extent of the Covid-19 pandemic became clear, Audit Scotland confirmed we were on track to deliver 1140 hours of early learning and childcare from August. Our commitment to delivering the expansion remains undimmed.  However in these exceptional circumstances it is not realistic or reasonable to expect the local authorities can deliver their original expansion plans in time for August this year.

We would like to reassure parents/ carers that we will continue to work with the local authorities to provide free grant funded provision.  We will continue to update you with information from the Local Authorities.

Following from this Pinocchio’s will remain committed to providing two nine hour days  and either a Friday morning or afternoon.

For more information link: www.gov.scot/news/early-learning-and-childcare-expansion-1/

All the best and wish you good health to you and your family.

Katrina Weir 
Operational Director

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