Eskbank Nursery Last inspection by Care Inspectorate

Please find below the highlights from our latest Care Inspectorate inspection from February 2020:

Quality of Care and Support – 5

Quality of Environment – 4

Children within the service were happy, settled, busy and having a lot of fun. Staff were warm, caring, nurturing and knowledgeable about the children, which resulted in a secure and respectful environment for them.

Children's health and wellbeing was promoted throughout the service. Snacks and lunches were healthy and gave children the opportunity to develop independence as they selected their own food and drinks. There was a clear understanding of the health benefits of playing outdoors. Most children had free-flow access to the garden that allowed them to investigate nature and learn about their environment. Children clearly enjoyed their time outdoors and played with the many natural resources available to them.

Staff had created warm, safe and welcoming playrooms for all children attending. A range of activities and opportunities were easily accessible to them which met their needs and interests. They were given opportunities to explore and play with natural and open ended resources (sometimes called loose parts). 'Loose parts' can help

to develop children's creativity and inquiry skills because they use materials that can be used in multiple ways.

Children spent extended periods immersed in uninterrupted play, which was supporting the development of their creativity, imagination and social skills.

Children who attended after school benefited from extended periods of time outdoors in the garden, local park or woodland area. They were included in plans for their time at the club and told us they enjoyed going for trips on a Friday afternoon and taking a  picnic. Staff had created a room where older children could get creative using arts and crafts or large construction resources. Reading, board games and nurturing areas allowed children to access quiet areas if required.

Staff were enthusiastic about their work and keen to do the best for the children. They worked together as a team to support each other and provide the children with a safe and caring place to be. The management team were proud of staff, and staff in turn, felt supported by management. Overall, this created a happy and

supportive environment where children were the priority and benefited from these positive working relationships.

"Staff does an exceptional job of caring for my child. They closely and accurately assess their interests and capabilities and provide a responsive and varied environment and experience. Staff have a genuine care and attention for the children and its clear to me they take time to get to know them as an individual. I feel secure and happy leaving my child in their care. The manager and management team are excellent always available to parents and friendly interacting with the child".


"Pinocchio's Eskbank is like a little family. Staff know the children well (even those in different rooms/age groups). Food in particular is excellent. Children are afforded the opportunity to play outdoors regularly and a healthy lifestyle is very much encouraged".


"A wonderful nursery. Staff, programmes and care are all 5*, highly recommend to all parents".


"I am happy with the level of care provided. I have no concerns at all regarding the service provided. We have used the service for many years and will continue to do so. I would recommend it to others, and already have"


"Excellent service, great staff".


"My child is always happy to go to nursery and happy when picked up. They keep friendly and close relationship with her carers. Children are always outside when nice weather and get plenty of activities. Nursery provided a great support in development of my child".


"Staff have been great with my child and made us feel welcome and secure. When they were transitioning from the baby room recently, they asked my opinion and kept me fully informed, ensuring my child settled quickly during a scary and confusing time".

Pinocchio's Children’s Nurseries are a group of 5 award winning children's nurseries across Edinburgh & Midlothian.

We currently have purpose built day nurseries in Eskbank, Lasswade, Penicuik, Heriot Watt and Gilmerton.

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