Eskbank Nursery Last inspection by Care Inspectorate October 2017

Please find below the highlights from our latest Care Inspectorate inspection:

Findings from the inspection- They observed Children and their families were welcomed by staff who took time to greet them and engage in meaningful discussions and share relevant information. Staff responded positively toward the children. We saw interactions with the children were warm and caring. We saw good examples of non-verbal communications with the younger children. This meant that children were happy with the staff caring for them. The children were forming friendships and playing co-operatively together. Less confident children were nurtured and supported to feel more comfortable when at nursery. 

Nursery children had daily opportunities for outdoor play which contributed positively to their health and wellbeing. Outdoor play equipment supported aspects of children's physical development. We saw staff supporting children to manage risk in their outdoor play. This helped children to develop their understanding of risk management to help keep them safe.

A cooked meal was provided for the children at lunch time. This often included vegetables that children had grown and picked in the nursery garden. Healthy snacks that included fresh fruit and vegetables were also provided.

Parents comments included: "Amazing home cooked meals with a chef who clearly knows the children and their likes and dislikes". "The staff and management in the setting have provided "a home from home" environment making it easier and more reassuring for my daughter’s well-being and needs.

Planning, observations and next steps were being evaluated. Children were actively involved in the planning and we saw staff offered additional resources to enhance the learning. Staff should continue to work on developing the level of challenge provided for each child.

The playrooms were bright, clean and welcoming. New resources and toys had been purchased for both in and outdoors. The playrooms had been reviewed and more emphasis had been placed on free flow play areas. Natural resources and loose part materials were provided to support problem solving and imagination. We saw children enjoying their time in nursery. The areas were well used and children were able to move around freely making their own choices from toys and activities. Staff were reviewing the baby area to ensure that they provided a nurturing and relaxing environment for very young children.

Children were actively involved in their play. Small groups of children played together and we saw friendships being formed. Activities and resources on offer provided some challenge to the children. Staff should continue to review the resources and activities on offer to ensure that they promote early learning and development. The nursery garden was well used by the children. Children were confident in using the resources and equipment on offer. A good range of loose part materials were available for children. This provided children with the opportunity to develop their creativity, imagination and work together with others. We saw children working together in groups, discussing ideas and having fun together. Some children were playing independently and staff provided encouragement when necessary

We acknowledge the hard work and effort the Nursery Manager has put into place to improve the outcomes for children. Each playroom is being regularly reviewed and changes. made if required. Equipment and resources have been purchased and staff are taking pride in making the nursery a welcoming and happy place for the children. Staff have worked hard to make improvements to the outcomes experienced by children. Staff were professional and participated fully in the inspection. Appraisals have been undertaken and training needs identified. Staff informed us that they feedback any relevant training ideas during staff meetings.

Parent comments included: 

"The staff and management across the setting are exceptional. They are all extremely professional and dedicated to the children and demonstrate a genuine interest in not only my child but my thoughts and opinions". 

"All the staff are very friendly and appear to be interested in each individual child. They go out of their way to ensure each child's needs are met". 

"The staff in the pre-school room are fabulous and strive to promote plenty variety and fun activities fort he children. 

"All staff are extremely helpful, kind and provide a safe and stimulating environment for our children"

The manager regularly spent time in playrooms to support practice and ensure children were being cared for. The manager should continue to monitor the development of the ethos to support overall in improvement within the service.  It was clear that staff enjoyed their work and were keen to make improvements wherever they could. 

Management supported staff to share their ideas and provided training opportunities. Staff had been included in the service development plan and felt ownership of this. Staff undertook monthly evaluation of the service using best practice guidelines. This allowed them to be more focused on what they wanted to develop in order to improve the children's experiences.

Parents comments included:

"I moved my child from another nursery as I was not happy with the level of care she was receiving. Pinocchio's has been a breath of fresh air. My child has come on and progressed so much since the move, just wish I had done it sooner".

 "I can't thank Katrina and the staff enough for what they do and offer. It is by far the best setting my child has attended. Quality professional team providing professional childcare" "Can not fault. I have used Pinocchio's for a long time and highly recommend". "The service is extremely well managed and we feel confident that our children are put first".

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We currently have purpose built day nurseries in Eskbank, Lasswade, Penicuik, Heriot Watt and Gilmerton.

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