Gilmerton Nursery Last inspection by Care Inspectorate August 2018

Please find below the highlights from our latest Care Inspectorate inspection:

Staff were caring and responsive in their interactions with children, they spoke knowledgeably about individual children describing how they met their needs and supported their interests. Children were confident in approaching staff for help and guidance. We saw examples of staff encouraging children to think for themselves, to persevere and problem solve. The outcome of these nurturing and respectful actions was children who were developing in confidence.

Staff sat with the children at lunchtimes and encouraged them to eat. We saw the children enjoyed their lunch and chatted happily with staff.

Children were happy and confident in their environment. There had been improvements to the layout of the playrooms. Staff had worked hard to create warm and welcoming rooms. We saw that most children were busy and engaged in the resources on offer. The majority of toys and resources were stored in a manner which meant children could access them easily. This allowed them to make independent choices about their play and learning.

The development of loose parts play both indoors and outside provided children with increased natural and open-ended materials which helped promote curiosity, inquiry and problem solving. Older children were very involved in the role play and dressing up area.

Children were active and healthy because they had free flow access to the outdoor area. We saw children of all ages enjoyed playing outside. They could independently access a range of resources that built up their confidence and physical development. Loose parts material gave children the chance to explore, investigate and be creative. Staff should continue to ensure that the outdoor environment includes resources which promote fun experiences as well as providing challenge and encouraging children's problem solving and imagination.

Staff were kind and caring in their approach to supporting children. Children were greeted warmly into the nursery, ensuring that they felt valued and cared for. Longer standing members of staff had engaged in a variety of training and had used this to enhance the outcomes for children. The manager should continue to develop an effective system for staff supervision. This would provide opportunities for staff to discuss their own learning and development as well as support for the children.

Children benefited from continuity in their care as staff had positive communication with most of the parents, whilst supporting them to be included in the service. The service shared that they were working on ways to keep parents up to date with important information meaning they were respected and included. Management and staff demonstrated a good awareness of safeguarding and child protection issues. They were secure in their knowledge of how to identify and report concerns to protect children from harm.

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