Penicuik Nursery Last inspection by Care Inspectorate February 2018

Please find below the highlights from our latest Care Inspectorate inspection:

Findings from the inspection - The children experienced secure relationships in a caring, nurturing environment. Positive relationships with parents/carers supported useful information sharing about children's changing needs. This ensured continuity of care between home and the nursery, which supports children to feel settled and safe. Younger children were cared for by staff who were gentle in their approach and who responded to their personal care needs and feelings. 

Parents feedback- "I find the staff to be very helpful, answer all questions in person or via email I have, very quickly. They care very well for my child. Staff all seem to love their jobs and my child is always happy to go". "Overall, the service my child receives in the baby room has been great. The staff are always happy, approachable and positive. I am confident that my child is in a nurturing environment and is treated as an individual".  "Staff have been responsive to my child's needs, which have been changing regularly as they develop in the baby room. The nursery are good at exhibiting flexibility in the structure of the day in response to the needs of the children (baby room). Staff seem to genuinely care about the children and our experience with an older child who is now at school and our baby has been very positive".

Children's health and wellbeing was promoted by the free flow access to the outdoor area. The older children were able to access the garden from the playrooms. This ensured children experienced physical activity contributing to their overall wellbeing. We saw children moving resources around the room as they developed different role play situations. Children were able to make independent choices about how and where they played. The preschool children had begun to visit residents at a local care home. Evidence from the nursery floor book showed that children had enjoyed their visits. This valuable experience was supporting children to learn more about their local community and the people who live in it.

Staff were caring and supportive of children. They were responsive to children's individual needs. Children were comfortable with staff and readily approached them during the day. We saw that staff in the baby room valued the individual child and they received attentive care. This meant that babies were nurtured and secure. 

Staff in the pre school room promoted a sense of fun. We observed them engaging with children in a variety of lively games, such as What's the time Mr Wolf. Children enjoyed this. It also encouraged them to explore numeracy through play. 

Children were safe and nurtured as staff were kind and caring. The manager had a good overview of the nursery and could address any issues with children's care in a timely manner. Staff were positive about the change in manager and they told us they felt supported.

The manager was visible within the playrooms and actively engaged with children and parents. There was a high level of engagement from the manager and staff team throughout our inspection. There was effective communication between the manager, staff and parents. We could see that parents and children were welcomed into the nursery contributing to them being included and valued. Noticeboards throughout the nursery had interesting and useful information for parents that helped them to learn more about the experiences their children had at nursery. For example, one board explained how natural materials can encourage children's creativity through play.

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