STAR Customer Service

In Pinocchio’s we strive to offer the best possible customer service, and we have a monthly STAR award which is awarded to an employee who has demonstrated the STAR values the most. Parents and colleagues are encouraged to nominate staff for this award.

  • Safety
  • Teamwork
  • Attention to Detail
  • Relationships 

• Getting people to look into the camera if you do not recognise them. 

• Being vigilant in the nursery – noticing hazards and reporting them.  

• Following appropriate procedures in an emergency. 

• Ensuring all visitors sign in the book, are given a badge and accompanied around the nursery.  

• Following hygiene procedures effectively. 

• Coming up with new methods or practices that are safer for all. 

• Having an awareness and understanding of staff- children ratios and supporting others to adhere to them.  

• Challenging all strangers- for example approaching with “Can I help you?” 

• Being trustworthy. 

• Holding regular staff meetings. 

• Supporting others in their development. 

• Having effective communication.  

• Being reliable. 

• Making the most of the mixed skills in a team. 

• Having professional relationships with all colleagues. 

• Promoting a positive atmosphere in the nursery. 

• Cleanliness in the room. 

• Fresh smelling rooms and nappy change areas.  

• Noticing mood changes in children/ illnesses. 

• Knowledge of care plans. 

• Correct notice boards – i.e. appropriate information displayed, correct spelling. 

• Clean faces and clothes at pick up time. 

• Wiping children’s runny noses as soon as they start, or encouraging older children to go and get a tissue. 

• Being aware of dietary and allergy requirements. 

• Giving individual parent feedback. 

• Using the key phrase “What they particularly enjoyed today was ..... and .....” 

• Suggesting new working practices or methods that would save money, or increase efficiency or improve communication etc.  

• Ensuring all communication given to parents is presented professionally, with the correct information on it, with no spelling mistakes.  

• Giving parents advance notice of closure dates, parent’s nights etc. on doors and on daily slips.

• Acknowledging people, and smiling, especially when busy – stating for example “I will be with you in a minute.” 

• Building a positive, professional relationship with your keychild and parent.  

• Having an open door policy. 

• Supporting parents when their child is starting nursery.  For example, if their child is very unsettled whilst the parent is there but calms down when they are away and the parent is worried, make sure you take a picture of the child taking part in an activity or having fun etc and give it to the parent when they return.  

• Introducing yourself to visitors and parents. 

• Valuing parent’s opinions 

• Being prepared for parent’s night

• Knowing how the parents like to be addressed – i.e. do you prefer to be called Mr... or by your first name? 

• Sibling times

• Observations

• Having a positive attitude

• Being professional 

• Using appropriate language and speaking in correct English

• Using the sandwich technique

• Being welcoming and approachable to all

• Respecting parent’s values

Pinocchio's Children’s Nurseries are a group of 5 award winning children's nurseries across Edinburgh & Midlothian.

We currently have purpose built day nurseries in Eskbank, Lasswade, Penicuik, Heriot Watt and Gilmerton.

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