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Pinocchio's has been using the Famly online system to record each child's learning and development since 2023.

This means that you can access your child’s profile any time you want, as long as you have an internet connection. If you don’t have an internet connection at home you are welcome to view your child’s profile from within the nursery as before by using our computer(s) or ipads.

Famly enables your child’s keyworker to make observations of learning in a fraction of the time it would have taken previously. This means they are going to have so much more time to play, teach and care for the children instead of filling out paperwork. It’s also extremely environmentally friendly too!

The Famly system is an extremely efficient communication tool, for both parents and the nursery staff.  It enables staff to record everything regarding each child in one place. 


So, you’ve got your Famly login details?

Famly is a software platform for early educators and families to collaborate and share admin. This platform is also a tool for your nursery to be able to record significant learning of children.

For you, this means you can log in to your profile and see these events and comment and contribute.

You can access your child’s profile in 2 ways – using the web interface or through our Parent app which is free to download search:


The system is very secure. For the techy types among you the connection is made using a secure server holding a SSL certificate. (Meaning the address starts with https and carries the padlock symbol.)

You will be the only one outside of the nursery that can view your child’s profile and you will access it with a unique username as well as a password and PIN that you can create.

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We currently have purpose built day nurseries in Eskbank, Lasswade, Penicuik, Heriot Watt and Gilmerton.

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