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Check out a few of our ideas below for fun, educational and easy to do activities to keep your little ones entertained whilst at home. We will try and keep this updated with new ideas for you as much as possible.

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  • alphabet garden (find an item for every letter of the alphabet in their garden or play space to get out of mums hair for a while!)
  • time capsule (fill a jar with things to remember this time by - suggestions are lists of favourite things and a small toy and hand drawn picture for young children, or printouts from news websites, diary entries and the above for older children)
  • paper clay messy art,
  • hide dinosaur toys in salt dough and leave them to dry then leave them in a sandpit or around the garden/play space for children to find and break open - to facilitate conversation about archaeology - for really keen parents they could make skeleton fossils impressions in the dough and talk about what you can learn from fossils (size/shape but not colour/behaviour for example),
  • kitchen science (make a few small batches of a simple recipe but change something each time and log the results in a science report - for example using butter instead of oil, baking cookies at different temperatures, comparing normal baking powder vs DIY versions - depending on the child's age they can contribute to deciding what changes to make and be responsible for more or less of the written report)

Or check out this article full of activities to keep your toddler entertained at home:

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